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SUP Search Folder: All non-superseded updates for workstations

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This is the search folder that I use to identify any and all security updates possibly available to Windows workstation OS computers.  It includes other products too, not just Windows.

  • Products
    • Expression Media\Web
    • MS Lync 2010
    • MS StreamInsight
    • MS Works
    • Network Monitor
    • Office 2003/2007/2010
    • Report Viewer
    • Silverlight
    • SQL Server
    • Visual Studio
    • Windows 7 Client
    • Windows Defender
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows XP
    • Works 6-9 Converter
    • Writer Installation and Upgrades
  • Update Classification:
    • Critical Updates
    • Security Updates
    • Update Rollups
    • Updates
    • Applications
  • Expired: No
  • Superseded: No
  • Title:
    • Update
    • Malicious software removal tool
    • Visual C++

Finally, select the option “Search all folders under this feature”


Web Report for Software Updates Compliance

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SCCM doesn’t have a precreated report (that I can find) that quickly shows the patch compliance for a group of systems.  So I created one for myself, that I thought I’d share with every one.  To implement this, create a web report as you normally would; use the following SQL statement and remember to create a prompt with the information below that!

SQL Statement

select distinct sys.Name0, ui.BulletinID as BulletinID, ui.ArticleID as ArticleID, ui.Title as Title
from v_UpdateComplianceStatus css
join v_UpdateInfo ui on ui.CI_ID=css.CI_ID
join v_R_System sys on css.ResourceID=sys.ResourceID
join v_ClientCollectionMembers ccm on ccm.ResourceID=sys.ResourceID
where css.Status=2 and ccm.CollectionID=@CollID
order by sys.Name0, ui.ArticleID


Name: CollID
Prompt text: Collection ID
Provide a SQL statement:

begin  if (@__filterwildcard = '')
select CollectionID as CollectionID, Name as CollectionName
from v_Collection
order by Name
   select CollectionID as CollectionID, Name as CollectionName
   from v_Collection
   WHERE CollectionID like @__filterwildcard or Name like @__filterwildcard
   order by Name end