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Denver Microsoft UG – MVP Expert Panel 6/28/13

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Vote for attendance can be completed at http://memug.wordpress.com/2013/06/14/june-memug-rsvp/


Ping Transport Failed with Error 1231

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Recently I was helping a friend with her laptop which suddenly stopped connecting to the Internet, despite that the wireless networking could see and successfully connect to wireless hotspots. In further troubleshooting, I noticed that the correct IP address range (192.168.0.x) was not handed out by the router’s DNS. Furthermore, when attempting to ping the router’s gateway ( with “Ping Transport Failed, Error 1231“. Digging through the Internet on this error, I found the possible solution buried deep within a couple Microsoft forum threads. I’m posting it here so that if it should ever occur again, hopefully the solution is quicker to find!

  1. Open a command prompt with Run As Administrator
  2. Run “netsh winsock reset”
  3. Restart Windows

Now the system is back in business!

SkyDrive Limit Being Decreased!!

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I received this notice from a colleague that I felt was important to pass along:

“Microsoft is upgrading SkyDrive.  While there are benefits (larger supported file sizes, local client, ability to purchase additional storage), there’s a downside (downsize?) as well; storage limits for the free account are dropping from 25G to 7G.  However, if you already have an account, you can “upgrade” your account to 25G for free.  Just log in (https://skydrive.live.com/ManageS…orage?lu=1) and click the upgrade banner.  They say it’s for a limited time, but I’m not sure what that means.


A New Adventure

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I began working with SMS/SCCM in early 2004.  After being “in the trenches” of systems management and desktop engineering for nearly 8 years, I am setting out on a new journey.  Today begins my new adventure – I am greatly honored to be joining the highly talented group at Catapult Systems  as a senior consultant for SCCM architectures/implementations and Windows 7 migrations.

100,000 Blog Visits Milestone

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When I set out to blog my experiences with SCCM and engineering the desktop environment, I expected it to help only a few others whom searched hard for a solution over the Internet.  I didn’t anticipate how widely used it would become.  In just under 3 years, the blog has surpassed 100,000 site visits!  More honoring though has been when other SCCM folk throughout the industry have told me in person how my blog has helped them.  Even someone I’ve befriended during my tenure at the Microsoft Management Summit, was surprised and excited when he discovered that I had a blog and that I was this “t3chn1ck”!

Here’s to the next 100,000 visits – cheers, and thanks for reading!


New Look!

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I’ve updated my blog with a newer theme – one that better supports blocks for my shorter code, maintains the previous functionality, and allows me to use a rotating custom header from my own photography.  I’m really happy with it and enjoy the new look.  Pop on over for a peek!  https://t3chn1ck.wordpress.com