About Nick

Hello and thanks for reading my blog!  My hope is that information I post has been useful to you. If you found that a solution did help you, or if you have questions, feel free to drop a comment on the post.  I primarily blog on my IT experiences with ConfigMgr and the Windows endpoint management/security.

Since early 2004, I have been a subject matter expert in [System Center / Endpoint Manager] Configuration Manager and systems management strategies and principles. Since 2019, my focus has shifted primarily to Microsoft’s security and compliance portfolio of solutions. Additionally, I am a co-leader (since 2013) and presenter for a local user group in Denver, am an active blogger on System Center topics systems management techniques, involved in forums for Microsoft and MyITForum, and have been a speaker for events such as BDNA’s SCCM Guru Webcast Series (March 2012), the Microsoft Management Summit (April 2013), and BDNA’s Microsoft Master Webcast Series (Jan. 2014).

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Photography is one of my passions outside of IT.  In fact, all of the rotating header images (all shown below) are from my photography.  If you have a moment, feel free take a peek at my online portfolio!


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