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Windows 10 news you can use, July 2019

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Win10NewsLogo Windows 10 news you can use, July 2019 edition. Insights into Windows 10 deployment & management, security & compliance, and productivity & accessibility.


Deployment & Management
  1. Microsoft is often asked to help customers choose between Windows 10 Enterprise or Windows 10 Pro. Specifically to clarify the differences between the two editions, and the impact those differences might have to your organization. With that in mind, we decided to take a closer look at these conversations—and the key considerations when it comes to deciding between Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Pro for your organization—by talking with Nick and Shawn, two technical specialists focusing in Windows deployments.
  2. Webinar (59:52) – experts at Microsoft Core Services Engineering and Operations answered questions about their modern desktop and device management. They discussed the processes and tools used to support a wide range of scenarios as well as the use of Intune, SCCM, WUfB, Azure AD, and transition to modern management.
  3. Video (10:19) – A lot has evolved since the Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) preview kicked off in March 2019. In this episode we review the progress the team has made to create a much easier Azure portal experience to setup and manage your WVD Host Pools.
  4. Video (1:05) – Will the new chromium-based Microsoft Edge still be connected to Windows updates? Chris Heilmann talks about how Microsoft Edge updates will be delivered going forward.–One-Dev-Question
Security & Compliance
  1. Video (58:40) – In today’s world, device health is a pillar of security. Unmanaged devices are a powerful entry point for malicious parties, and it is vital that only healthy devices can access critical apps and data. Learn about device health, device security at Microsoft, and key investment areas Microsoft are pursuing.
  2. Microsoft’s vision for Windows is one of a passwordless platform—a world where users don’t have to deal with the pains of a password. With the release of Windows 10, version 1903, we’re bringing Windows 10 closer to delivering our passwordless user and security promises, with new features that we’re excited for you to try.
  3. New documentation for building secure, privileged access workstations! Secured isolated workstations are critically important for the security of sensitive roles like administrators, developers, and operators of critical services. Build a secure client workstation with these detailed step by step instructions, including how to set up starting security controls.
  4. When hardening your deployment of Windows 10, how should you prioritize the hardware you buy, policies you enforce, controls you configure, and behavior your staff exhibit? To help you prioritize your endpoint hardening work, Microsoft is introducing a new taxonomy for security configurations for Windows 10.
  5. Beginning with Configuration Manager 1905 TP, you can install and manage the MBAM
  6. Inside out: Get to know the advanced technologies at the core of Microsoft Defender ATP next generation protection. Much like how MDATP integrates multiple capabilities to address the complex security challenges in modern enterprises, Windows Defender AV next-generation protection engines provide industry-best detection and blocking capabilities.
  7. The evolution of Microsoft Threat Protection, June update. Game-changing capabilities for endpoint security with Microsoft Defender ATP (MDATP): protections for macOS, live response (new incident response action for SecOps teams), and how to try out the live response feature.
Productivity & Accessibility
  1. Join us as we interview Windows enthusiasts around the world to hear how they’re putting Windows to work.
  2. Microsoft Edge Experiment: Battery Life | Windows 10 May 2019 Update.
  3. Video (0:18) on how to quickly share files with another PC during meetings.
  4. Video (3:43) on how wireless projection works in Windows 10.
  5. At Microsoft, we’re on a journey to empower every person on the planet, including people with disabilities, to achieve more. What’s new in the Windows 10 May 2019 Update for accessibility.
  6. New Windows 10 users – those who have new devices, new user accounts and clean installs – will see the new, greatly simplified, Start layout by default when they start up.
  7. Video (4:06) – Remember the small things with Microsoft Sticky Notes. This app makes it easy to unclutter your desktop and sync your notes securely across your devices, so you can access them on any device.
  8. Control the action with your eyes on Windows 10 PCs through four new games.
  9. Windows 10 Tip: light theme with the Windows 10 May 2019 Update.
  10. Video (2:53) – Volume conversions using the Calculator app.
  11. Easier navigation with Windows 10 tablet mode. Using Tablet mode in Windows 10 can make it easier to browse the web and it can also free up room on your screen. But it isn’t just for touchscreen devices. This article will go over how to enter/exit Tablet mode followed by an overview of the information needed to navigate it.
  12. Check out the most recent and greatest Edge features. From being able to mute tabs, to clutter-free printing, to various grammar tools.
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