Month: June 2015

Tricks to Preventing the ConfigMgr Client Installs

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There are several tricks to block/prevent the ConfigMgr client from installing on specific systems.  The recommended method is through an exclusion list on the ConfigMgr server, but that can often be tedious or forgotten.  So the list below outlines other options that are available to accomplish the same goal.  A big thanks to my colleagues at Catapult Systems whom contributed to this list!

  • Create an empty text file named “ccmsetup” with no file extension in the C:\Windows\ directory
  • Create an empty text file named “ccmsetup.exe” in the C:\Windows\ccmsetup\ directory

Optional methods are listed below, though they would not prevent a manual client installation

  • Block read rights on the AD object to keep it from being discovered and delete it from the console
  • Remove administrative privileges on the computer in question for the account used to perform client push installation