App-V 5.0 bulk add and publish applications

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Piggybacking on Aaron Parker’s blog post for App-V 5 PowerShell One Liners – Adding and Publishing App-V Server Packages, I’ve extended the usage of the script to parse all sub-directories of a folder to add/publish any .appv package.

$grpName = "lab\Domain Users"
$appContentShare = "\\appv5-server\content-share"
# Get the list of AppV files
Set-Location $appContentShare
$filesList = get-childitem $_.DirectoryName -include *.appv -recurse

# Bulk import/publish/grant access
ForEach ($file in $filesList) {
   Import-AppvServerPackage -PackagePath $filesList | Publish-AppvServerPackage -Verbose | Grant-AppvServerPackage -Groups $grpName -Verbose

And that’s all it takes!


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