Month: February 2014

Playback of Microsoft Master App-V 5.0

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UPDATE: The playback of my webcast has been removed by BDNA and I do have a copy that can be shared.  Fortunately however, I did post step by step walkthroughs of the demos so you can still learn how to do the scripting pieces.  You will find those posts in the links below.  Furthermore, all of my posts related to App-V 5.0 can be in the category on my blog.

Playback of my presentation on App-V 5.0 Stunts Trick and Acrobatics  is now available from BDNA online.

Optionally, I’m not certain if the PDF is made available upon registration of the webcast, so feel free to obtain a PDF of the PowerPoint from my SkyDrive at!17329&authkey=!ABOS2EgVLlzdWwM&ithint=file%2c.pdf