App-V 5.0 Demo – User scripting / StartProcess

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This is the walk-through for demo #3 from my Microsoft Master webcast on App-V 5.0 scripting.  For the full webcast information, visit

This demo is on scripting for a process to run when a user launches the application.  I’m using the game of Sudoku (obtained from SourceForge) and when it is launched by the user, it opens a text file on the “rules” of the game.  For this example, I am using the standalone App-V infrastructure, not ConfigMgr 2012 R2.

  1. The package has already been sequenced.  It’s just a simple set of files (and the main .exe) that I copied into the Program Files directory.  After sequencing, I added the PowerShell script to perform the operation.appv-sudoku-demo01
  2. The PowerShell script will obtain it’s current working directory and then execute the text file specified.
    function Get-ScriptDirectory {
      $Invocation = (Get-Variable MyInvocation -Scope 1).Value
      Split-Path $Invocation.MyCommand.Path
    $vfsPath = Join-Path (Get-ScriptDirectory) ""
    write-host $vfsPath
    Set-Location $vfsPath
    Invoke-Item "Sudoku Rules.txt"
  3. In the UserConfig.xml we define that whenever Sudoku.exe is launched, then App-V will execute powershell.exe with the command line to run our .ps1 script.
    <StartProcess RunInVirtualEnvironment="false">
    <Arguments>-ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File "[{AppVPackageRoot}]\..\Scripts\OpenRules.ps1"</Arguments>
    <Wait RollbackOnError="true"/>
  4. Now add the package into the App-V console and assign to a user group as per standard process.  Then follow my guideline on how to activate the custom UserConfig scripts.  Finally, with the test user, update the App-V client so that Sudoku becomes available.

Once Sudoku is launched, the PowerShell script will very quickly execute (so fast that I cannot capture a screen shot).  But we will have the text file open with rules for learning how to play the game!


Furthermore, the App-V operational events show execution of the script.


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