App-V 5.0 Demo – Global scripting / Install Hardware Drivers

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This is the walk-through for demo #4 from my Microsoft Master webcast on App-V 5.0 scripting.  For the full webcast information, visit

This demo is on scripting the install of hardware drivers (HP printer) when an App-V package is published to a system.  For this example, I am using the standalone App-V infrastructure, not ConfigMgr 2012 R2.

  1. As you may already know, App-V does not capture drivers as part of the package.  So I’ve obtained the driver files specific to that device separately to be ready for use during my sequencing process.appv-driver-demo01
  2. Furthermore in this case, I’ve also created a simple .bat script to perform the install of the drivers since it has a longer more complex command line.  I named that file DriverInst.bat which has the following command.  Note that as part of the command line, I am giving it a custom name of the printer as “HP Univeral AppV”.
    "%~dp0Install.exe" /q /h /npf /dst /smLPT1 /n"HP Univeral AppV", 1, true
  3. In this instance, as part of the sequencing process, I have used a script that A) installs the software then B) makes a local copy of those driver files.  In this way, the sequencer ‘detects’ the files and adds them all as part of the package VFS.Important: since I am embedding the driver files as part of the VFS, know that this example will not work well for instances where the package is set to stream from the server.  Rather it will only work on cached copies with the full files.  If you have a streaming server, then the all driver files/installers will need to be added into the scripts folder.
    :: Install directory - C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\HP Officejet 6700
    xcopy "%~dp0HPUPD\*" "C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\UPD\*" /YES
    :: Pause to verify completion
  4. Next we need to add the package to install as part of the DeploymentConfig.xml
          <Arguments>/c [{AppVPackageRoot}]\VFS\ProgramFilesX86\HP\UPD\DriverInst.bat</Arguments>
          <Wait RollbackOnError="true" Timeout="120"/>
  5. Add the package into the App-V 5.0 console as per standard process.  Follow my guideline on how to “activate” the DeploymentConfig scripts.
  6. For the webcast demo, it was PC targeted (not user) for Global publishing.  In order to quickly have the deployment synchronized with the system, we need to run the below PowerShell commands.
    Note: If UAC is enabled for the system, this will need to execute in an elevated command shell.

    Get-AppvPublishingServer | Sync-AppvPublishingServer -Global

Once the package is added to the system, we now show our “App-V” printer software was added as well as the printer hardware!

Additionally, you can see in the App-V operational events where that the .bat script was executed from within the package.

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