PowerShell Script to test App-V 5.0 Packages

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I use the below PowerShell script code for testing my App-V packages prior to publishing them officially.  The top portion will add the package on the local system.  While the second portion will remove the package once my testing is complete.  For easiest execution, I use the PowerShell ISE to just run the code segments that I need.  The values to add for yourself are:

  1. pkgPath – the UNC to the AppV files
  2. pkgAppV – the name of the .app file
  3. pkgXML – the name of the .xml file
  4. pkgName – change the “Part_Of_App_Name” value to what is appropriate (such *java*)

Script updates:

  • 2/11/2014 – to handle multiple cached apps with the same name part
  • 6/16/2014 – to better generalize use of the “AppName”
# Script from https://t3chn1ck.wordpress.com

# First code adds the package
$pkgPath = "\\appv5_server\share" + "\"
$pkgName = "AppName"
$pkgAppV = $pkgPath + $pkgName + ".appv"
$pkgXML = $pkgPath + $pkgName + "_DeploymentConfig.xml"
Add-AppvClientPackage -Path $pkgAppV -DynamicDeploymentConfiguration $pkgXML | Publish-AppvClientPackage</pre>

# Next code removes the package but only when 
# there's one app with the name part
$pkg = Get-AppvClientPackage -Name $pkgName
Unpublish-AppvClientPackage -Name $pkg.Name
Remove-AppvClientPackage -Name $pkg.Name

# Removes multiple packages of the same name part
foreach ($pkg in Get-AppvClientPackage -Name $pkgName) {
	write-host $pkg.Name
	Unpublish-AppvClientPackage -Name $pkg.Name
	Remove-AppvClientPackage -Name $pkg.Name

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