App-V 5.0 Resources, Tools, Blogs, and Tips

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Useful information and resources referenced in my webcast covering App-V 5.0 on Jan. 29th, 2014.

Resources and Tools

  1. App-V 5.0 Trial Guide (good start document)
  2. Guide to configuring Microsoft App-V to both publish and stream via HTTP
  3. Tim Mangan’s free tools
  4. App-V Configuration XML Editor GUI
  5. Managing App-V 5.0 with System Center Configuration Manager 2012 SP1
  6. App-V Sequencing Guide
  7. Tools to help when troubleshooting
  8. App-V error codes

Tips when virtualizing

  1. UserProgramFiles causing error 0x80070057
  2. Apps that install in a user’s directory
  3. Set security during sequencing
  4. Adding environment variables and the complications therein as the package object does not construct properly, therefore the PkgID and VerID values are not present
  5. Targeted scripting
  6. Shims with AppV
  7. Scripting and Embedded Scripting for AppV 5.0 (Dynamic Deployment and User Configuration Scripting)

Notable App-V Blogs to “follow”

  1. Microsoft App-V Team –
  2. Tim Mangan –
  3. Thamim Karim –
  4. Aaron Parker –
  5. Nicke Kallen –
  6. Falco Gräfe –
  7. Rory Monaghan –

Decision Matrix for when to virtualize

  1. As a table/graph –
  2. As a flowchart –

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