Workaround for OSD Stand-alone Media with Client Hotfix Installs

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When using stand-alone media to image a computer, you may potentially run into a failure with the Task Sequence with SMSTS.log message “Client installation failed, code 1 – The client GUID must be set in an environment variable”.  Checking further into the client.msi.log file, you could see the source problem similar to “Unable to create a temp copy of patch ‘C:\_SMSTASKSEQUENCE\PACKAGES\SMS00002\HOTFIXES\KB2854009\X64\CONFIGMGR2012AC-SP1-KB2854009-X64.MSP’.”

This issue can be caused if you’re installing ConfigMgr 2012 hotfixes (or cumulative updates) as part of the client installation during OSD, which stand-alone media may not be handling properly.


One workaround for this scenario is to create additional tasks which will only install the hotfixes when not running from media as follows:

  1. On step “Setup Windows and Configuration Manager”, add a condition on the Options where TS Variable “_SMSTSMediaType not equals FullMedia”
  2. Copy that step and rename as “Setup Windows and ConfigMgr – Standalone Media”, remove the Installation Properties for the hotfix install, then change TS Variable check as “_SMSTSMediaType equals FullMedia”

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