PowerShell Delete App-V Cache

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I wrote this little PowerShell script to cleanup the App-V cache for both the shared directory and a user’s data.  Run this script in an elevated PowerShell command (or ISE) window.  Optionally, you can distribute this with ConfigMgr using the below command line. Note that this will need to run with user’s rights in order to access their %appdata% folder.

%windir%\sysnative\windowspowershell\v1.0\powershell.exe -executionPolicy bypass -file .\DeleteAppVCache.ps1


Script updated/fixed 6/5/2014


Import-Module "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Application Virtualization\Client\AppvClient\AppvClient.psd1"

net stop AppVClient
Get-AppvClientPackage -All | Remove-AppVClientPackage
net stop AppVClient

Set-Location -Path env:
Remove-Item C:\ProgramData\App-V\* -recurse

$UserAppData = Get-Content -Path appdata
Remove-Item $UserAppData\Microsoft\AppV\Client\Catalog\Packages\* -recurse
Remove-Item $UserAppData\Microsoft\AppV\Client\VFS\* -recurse

$UserAppData = Get-Content -Path localappdata
Remove-Item $UserAppData\Microsoft\AppV\Client\Integration\* -recurse
Remove-Item $UserAppData\Microsoft\AppV\Client\VFS\* -recurse

net start AppVClient
Get-AppvPublishingServer | Sync-AppvPublishingServer

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