Understanding Costs to Manage Windows 8 Devices with Intune

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Side-loading keys (100 pack for $2500?) are different from the mobile device cert ($299/yr) and the Dev Center account ($99/yr) – and they are all unique to each tenant.

  • Side-loading keys are way to bypass publishing apps through the public Windows Store and deploy apps to the Windows devices
  • Mobile device certs are used to authentically sign the apps
  • Windows Dev Center account is specifically used to create a company portal for any apps and for device enrollment

So initially it would be $400 for each tenant.  If it’s ever needed to deploy apps through Intune to those Windows devices, then the side-loading keys are necessary.

For ‘how’ the Intune client generally gets installed on a WP8/RT device:

  1. Get a mobile device signing cert
  2. Get a Windows Dev Center account and obtain that the “Windows 8 Company Portal App”
  3. Sign that app with the mobile cert and publish via Intune
  4. Users (with the Intune account) can then utilize the “Company Apps” built-in function enroll their device and thereby get managed through Intune

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