Error initializing client registration (0x80040222)

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I recently had a request from a customer to rename their PCs during an in-place upgrade of WinXP to Win7.  I’ve put together some custom scripts to detect the particular qualifying conditions for when the PC needs to be renamed, and these scripts work just fine (this is an upcoming blog post).

The problem that I ran into was that after completion of the task sequence, the CM07 client was unable to register with the site server.  Thereby it wouldn’t receive policies and did not operate.  The client’s ClientIDManagerStartup.log showed “Error initializing client registration (0x80040222)”.  As part of my troubleshooting, I was able to “fix” the client by deleting the old computer record instance and the generate a new GUID on the client.

Credit to one of my colleagues who was able to identify the scenario when I had overlooked it.  The real problem was that since the PC was being renamed, a Conflicting Record was being created since both the old and new instance had the same hardware ID information.  There are two ways to resolve this situation:

  1. Manually resolve the conflicting records
  2. Configure the site to automatically resolve the conflicting records

Option 2 is the most desirable since you can set it and forget it….so that’s we did!





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