Month: December 2012

Custom query of ACT data for apps with issues

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The application compatibility toolkit (ACT) is a great tool for analyzing compatibility of apps when doing a migration of Windows.  However, the available “reports” are limited in what they display out-of-box.  Fortunately since the tool is a SQL database, we can write our own queries to get what we need.  The below procedure/query will identify business specific apps and the detected compatibility issues.

  1. Create and customize an ACT query (within the compatibility manager) which identifies your specific business software
  2. Select all of the apps listed
  3. Create a new custom category “Priority Business Apps”
    • For the primarily used business apps, create/select sub category “PrimaryApps”
    • For the secondarily used business apps, create/select sub category “SecondaryApps”
  4. Run the following query against the ACT database
    Select distinct CAQ.subCategory, AR.AppName, LI.issueID, AIQ.severity, LI.title, LI.Details
    from Applications AR
    join AppReport_Issues_Query AIQ on AIQ.appID=AR.identity_hash
    join Categorized_Applications_Query CAQ on CAQ.objectID=AR.identity_hash
    join Localized_Issue LI on LI.issueID=AIQ.issueID
    where CAQ.category='Priority Business Apps'
  5. Copy the results into Excel