CM12 Software Updates Gotcha

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An added feature to ConfigMgr 2012 is the ability to directly deploy software updates without them being a deployment group.  This can result in a “gotcha” moment when update are incidentally deployed to systems.  This situation occurred to me recently when IE9 was deployed to a collection (fortunately non-mandatory!) but I could not find that update in any deployment group.  If it has been deployed as part of many updates, then this would have never occurred and I could have easily removed the update.

The way to get yourself into this predicament is by doing the following.  Note: this is just a lesson, don’t actually do this in production!

  1. In the console, navigate to Software Library > Software Updates > All Software Updates
  2. Select a single updates to install
  3. Select “Deploy” on the wunderbar
  4. Note that in the first page of the wizard, it LOOKS like you’re adding updates into a software update group.
  5. Finish the wizard with whatever settings (please don’t make this a Required install, lest you screw yourself)

Now go into node Software Update Groups.  Where is the deployment group that was supposed just created?  It isn’t there!!  To then delete the deployment, find an individual update, go to the Deployment “tab” and delete the deployment.  Note how the update group says “Individual”

To prevent this from accidentally occurring to you, a general rule of thumb is to add the update(s) to be installed into a new or existing Software Update Group and then deploy that group to a collection.


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