KB2509007 Strikes ConfigMgr 2012!

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An issue that plagued many admins over the last couple of years is that download (and thus installation) when a task sequence installs many Software Updates would hang and/or be stuck on the first update (KB2509007).  This was a problem relegated to CM07.  However, I am experiencing the same ‘ol thing in my home lab environment.  One resolution discussed for CM12 has been to 1) ensure the DP is set to allow anonymous connections, and 2) set the client install parameter SMSMP=FQDN.

However, these did not work for me in my lab and since no hotfix is available at this time, I’ve taken the quick workaround approach for my image build by using a VBScript to automate the installation of updates directly using the Windows Update Agent. While I cannot take credit for the below script, I did modify it to eliminate the prompt messages and automatically “accept” installation of updates.  I just run this script as part of my task sequence via Run Command Line and it does the trick.


Download revised script: http://sdrv.ms/QT0F0S


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