Install application action failed: Error Code 0x80730c03

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When deploying a Win7 image, the below errors were received during the application installs of a few test applications.  The catch is that the applications install without issue when the PC was NOT joined to the domain…but when it IS joined to the domain, the installs fail.  I cannot locate any information online about this error code, so needed to post it here.  Per Microsoft support:

According to my research, this error code is coming from the Microsoft Policy Platform and the error 0x80730c03 actually can be interpreted to “Failed to prioritize rules”. Actually, this issue has already been filed as an internal bug but yet no workaround/solution is available. Consider the current situation, if you feel it has big business impact and want to track the latest info of the progress of the solution, please submit a phone incident as this is out of Community boundary. And if that’s approved to be Microsoft product issue, you can ask for refund for the specific incident.

This sample info is from SMSTS.log  – the error code is at the bottom in red.


Received job completion notification from DCM Agent
GetAppMgmtSDKInterface successful
Policy Evaluation failed, hr=0x80730c03
Setting TSEnv variable ‘SMSTSAppPolicyEvaluationJobID__ScopeId_39406D81-9115-4158-A72F-FAEE3B45B510/Application_f2a0c5c5-23ce-42a0-8c2a-d5a3ce3ddaa6’=”
EvaluationJob complete
m_hResult, HRESULT=80730c03 (e:\nts_sccm_release\sms\client\osdeployment\installapplication\installapplication.cpp,993)
Step 2 out of 5 complete
Install application action failed: ‘Adobe Flash Player 11.4.402.278 ActiveX’. Error Code 0x80730c03
Sending error status message
Setting URL =, Ports = 80,443, CRL = false
Setting Server Certificates.
Setting Authenticator.


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