Creating New SCCM Boot Images from WAIK

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I recently needed to create a new boot image from scratch for use in SCCM to support a Windows 7 migration.  Typically I would create a boot image from scratch, but at one point an SCCM admin had deleted the default boot images and created their own, which I couldn’t trust were created properly.  So I copied winpe.wim from the installation directory of WAIK and then proceed with my custom process of adding HTA support into the boot image.

But what I also discovered was that I needed to add both scripting and WMI support as well since that’s not included by default into the boot images!  Microsoft has outlined how to add those features  as per

***Update 7/24/2012***
A colleague of mine within Catapult happened to find an easier solution for this, which includes automatic addition of WMI/Scripting support!

  • Start “Deployment Tools Command Prompt” elevated
  • Run Copypd.cmd amd64 C:\Winpe
  • You will now have a x64 bit winpe that you can import as a boot image in sccm.

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