Adobe Acrobat X Install error = error

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I built a custom transform for Adobe Acrobat X using the standard Adobe customization wizard for that product.  Using command line “Setup.exe /sPB /rs /msi TRANSFORMS=AcroStan.mst”, I received a strange error message “error.”  Wow, that’s a helpful message.  Instead of using the setup.exe problem, I decided to use the .msi file directly, but was still having the same issue.

Additionally, if you enable logging it will show the following details.  Also not helpful.

Action start 15:16:05: CA_QV.
MSI (s) (28:D4) [15:16:06:040]: Product: Adobe Acrobat X Standard – English, Français, Deutsch —  error.
Action ended 15:16:06: CA_QV. Return value 3.
Action ended 15:16:06: INSTALL. Return value 3.

Long story short, I got on the horn with Adobe support.  And they gave me command line as “msiexec.exe /i AcroStan.msi SUITEMODE=1 TRANSFORMS=AcroStan.mst /qn”, which works.  Supposedly, the SUITEMODE parameter “activates” the transform or something.  I don’t know and I don’t think the support person really knew either.  Regardless, it got me on my way!

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