Troubleshooting ACT Log Processing

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Ran into a problem where ACT was deployed to many computers, their data was successfully being created on the file share, but the computers were not showing up in the App Compatibility Manager.  What I discovered (as it’s been awhile since I last used ACT) was that there is a log processing service which imports the logs from the share into the database.

In troubleshooting the issue, I came across and excellent guide by Microsoft for troubleshooting the log processing service.  I went through every step and in nearing the end of the guide, the computers were still not imported.  Ironically, the very last step was my fix and it was the easiest step – check that the Windows service “Act Log Processing Service” is running.  Really?  That couldn’t have been listed as one of the first thing to check?


One thought on “Troubleshooting ACT Log Processing

    ACT 5.6 Log Processing Error 1017 « t3chn1ck said:
    November 27, 2012 at 8:03 pm

    […] log files and the directory had filled up with .cab files.  As I had previously learned, the first quick thing to check is that the log processing [Windows] service is started.  In this case it was started, but the .cab files were stuck.  In turning to the event logs, I […]

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