Limit DCM and Programs to Win7 RTM

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Microsoft began supporting Windows 7 in SCCM with SP2, so there has been the option to limit execution of DCM or package/program on a computer running Win7.  SCCM has the ability to limit execution based upon an OS + Architecture + SP level.  For example, you could limit execution to just Vista x86 RTM by selecting the following option.

Now that SP1 for Win7 has been released (to MSDN/TechNet/MVLS), you may find yourself in a position of needing to prevent a DCM or package from running on computers with SP1.   Unlike with other operating systems, SCCM SP2 doesn’t have an option to limit execution to “x86 Windows 7 original release”. 

To work around this, I found (for both DCM and package/programs) that selecting option “x86 Windows 7” will detect Win7 SP1 as not being applicable….and it works in my brief tests!


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