Month: December 2010

Dell BIOS Upgrade Switches

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I saw this come through the MyITForum email list on undocumented switches for Dell BIOS upgrades.  It’s useful information (but I haven’t tested it yet for myself)!

I’m doing it right now with SCCM OSD. I download the relevant BIOS from Dell and run it with undocumented switches. The ones I use are:

 -NOREBOOT: This prevents restarts – does not work with all machines, for example the Optiplex 780

-NOPAUSE: This makes the upgrade silent

 -FORCEIT: This prevents the check if there is external power attached. I use this since I upgrade BIOS from inside WinPE where this check fails.  Note: FORCEIT does only seem to work on laptops which is logical I guess.