Binary Differential Replication for Boot Images

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I had a strange issue arise with my production SCCM boot images yesterday after including new drivers.  The package update status would go from Install Pending (version 25) and to Install Retrying (version 24) and back and forth.  In reviewing the distmgr.log file, the following subtle errors were occuring.

  • Unpacked folder for package version ENT00001.24 is being used by 9 user(s) currently
  • merging temp-delta-0000151c-00000501.rdc to \\SVR01\SMSSIG$\SMSSTAGE\\ENT00001\boot.ENT00001.wim
  • failed to read complete data from file
  • Invalid old remote file. Might be corrupted
  • Failed to copy chunks to temp file. Error code 0x8007054f
  • UpdateStagedFile failed; 0x8007054f
  • Cannot copy package ENT00001 from C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\osd\boot\i386\boot.ENT00001.wim to \\SVR01\SMSPKGE$\ENT00001\, Win32 Error = 0

Some SCCM forums seemed to indicate that this was an issue with BDR for image.  To resolve the situation, I did the following

  1. Removed all distribution points for the package
  2. Enabled boot image property “Disconnect users from distribution points”
    Note: I kept BDR enabled for the boot image; if my process didn’t work, then I was going to disable the setting
  3. Updated the distributions points to refresh the package version
  4. Added the boot images back onto the distribution points

So far everything looks good and is working….


2 thoughts on “Binary Differential Replication for Boot Images

    Robb Yamry said:
    October 18, 2011 at 9:35 am

    Nice little article here. This fixed me up too. Thanks.

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