Month: March 2010

Counting User Profiles on a Computer

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This is a custom solution that I created to count the number of user profiles on a computer, and have it kept automatically up-to-date.  If you would prefer to have a list of all the actual profiles, then I recommend using Sherry Kissinger’s solution in her Mini Monster Mof Builder.  Or you can use both, just depends upon your needs…

The high-level, general process overview is


  1. Update the SMS_def.mof file to inventory the custom item (or use DCM to get the value)
    Get the Full Code Here

Clients – deploy a package that will

  1. Count the number of existing profiles (from the registry), but exclude accounts like localservice, networkservice, admin, default user, etc
  2. Write the count into a custom registry key
  3. Compile a mof on the client such that the key can be inventoried
  4. Run the advertisment on a regular interval
    Get the Full Code Here