Issues of Post-SP2 Upgrade for SCCM 2007

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I finally completed upgrading our SCCM 2007 central site (and two secondary sites) to SP2.  Though it was successful, there were two issues that occurred as a result of the upgrade which may be useful for you to watch for. 

The first issue is that I was unable to update any distribution points for packages or adding new distribution points to a package.  This was being caused by a malfunctioning Distribution Manager in which the changes were being queued and not processed.

  • Issue can first be identified by noticing that updating package distribution points is “stuck” in a state of “Install Pending”
  • Check the distmgr.log – it may show that every the manager is attempting to validate every single package on every single distribution point…one at a time. 
  • If the distmgr.log will show a line that says “GetObject Failed error 0x8007003
  • If a file named “RESETISAPI.TRN” exists within  the
  • Then the solution is founded in for the second solution. 

The second issue that I experienced with the inability for unknown computers to know that there was a task sequence assigned to run.  Short of the long story is that I fixed the situation by deleting the existing advertisements and recreating them.

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