MMS 2009 – Day 4 & 5

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Sorry, got a little behind in posts ;-)

My day 4 of MMS 2009 was focused on migrating to Native mode for SCCM and various SCCM implmentations in the field.  The Native mode sessions thoroughly stressed the need to have a well planned PKI environment.  Though it may be a daunting challenge to migrate with issues, I’m confident that it can be done.  It is also interesting to hear of some of the issues that existed in the field and some of the custom implementations that others are doing…they gave me some good ideas of things to potentially implement (of which I would share on this blog).

MMS day 5, a sad closing to the week.  Nothing was wrong with the day, but MMS is such a great experience and a great place to learn more on systems management that it was sad to have to end.  However, my brain was sure full and ready for a break!  Anyhow, I’ve always wondered how custom console extensions are built.  Convienantly enough, there was an actual session on it this year!  I understand the gist of what is being done, but I need to dig into it and formulize a step-by-step process for how to build them.  Again, when I am able to do this, I’ll post on this blog to share!

I never take as many pictures as I want when I’m Vegas, but here are a few from Thursday’s closing party.  Thanks to Jeremiah Beckett and everyone at Secure Vantage for sponsoring it!


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