MMS 2009 – Day 3

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Nothing quite as siginificant on Day 3 of MMS.  Most of my sessions were to gain a better understanding of how SCCM, being extended with MDT 2010, helps “significantly” improve OS deployments.  Unfortunately, I don’t see how the additions can help; part of it is probably that the environment  of the systems [at our company] doesn’t have a need for some of the things.  In a brief discussion with Mike Niehaus, he tried laying out some of those things for me in the form of “Have you ever wanted to try to do insert challenge here with SCCM but couldn’t?  Check out MDT”.  But everything he listed were things I could already do in SCCM or had not interest in doing.  What I took away from the conversation was that if I ever think about how to do something out-of-the-box with SCCM, then I should check to see if MDT can already do it; which is a good take away for me.


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