MMS 2009 – Day 2

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The first session of the day is always one of the better sessions of MMS – the SCCM State of the Union – an all emcompassing update on what has changed to SCCM in the last 6 months and what is coming up in the future.  A couple of big takeaways are that SP2 will need to be installed in order to have support for Windows 7, there has been significant in the arena of Client Health, and SCCM v.Next eliminates its dependency upon the MMC consoles (which is a huge plus as the console frequently fails).

USMT 4.0 seemed to be the hottest topic on the day as it was talked about in nearly every session that I attended.   The new version has significant enhancements and improvements that (from my opinion) should be implemented right away.  During one of the BOF (open participatory) sessions, I learned about some of the challenges of the previous versions from real-world-admins in the room and then heard from Microsoft how the new version rectifies them.


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