MMS 2009 – Day 1

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Just completed day 1 of the Microsoft Management Summit.  My biggest takeaway from the day is the realization of how simple PowerShell can be to learn, and how useful it can be for automating tasks or getting dynamic system information that isn’t natively possible in SCCM (like getting active process usage throughout the day and exporting to a .csv file).  PowerShell can easily be used to gather information for short term tasks rather than extending SCCM inventories (which would need to be a long-term investment).  Additionally, PowerShell can still be used to create COM objects (like WScript.Shell in VBScripting) to accomplish tasks, which will help in the transition.

I also had a brief opportunity to talk with a couple of people with MyITForum (one being the great Rod Trent).  Hope to be able to run into some more.  Especially hoping to meet some of the MVPs in the SCCM realm!

Looking forward to day 2!


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