Blocked Executables

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When distributing software through SMS/SCCM, occasionally the advertisement will reach the time limit threshold of the package/program, which will generate an error for the advertisement.  There are two things that likely have caused this: first and foremost, the program truly didn’t finish installing in time.  Simply readjust the run time value in the program. 

Secondly, the execuble could be getting “blocked” and requesting the end-user to accept the Open File Security Warning.  If the program (for the package) is configured to be hidden and/or does not allow user interaction, then the user will never see such prompt (which is a good thing I might add).  Heck, even in your troubleshooting, you will never see the prompt (side note: if you are troubleshooting, then be sure to configure the program to run normal and allow user’s to interact with the program).  If you can see it, it would look like this below:


This is caused by the Windows Attachment Manager marking the file with a property that helps in the system security.  The quirky thing is that, if the executable is indeed blocked, not ever system is affected.  Though there are several variables that can contribute to the issue, the quick fix is to (in the original package source) right-click on the .exe, select Properties, click “Unblock”, then click “OK”


Going back to how this impacts SCCM software distribution, unblocking the .exe does little to change the actual file itself.  So if all you do is update your distribution points, then readvertise the distribution, the clients will not download the modified file…so the blocking will still occur.  It is easiest to simply delete the package and recreate it.  Keep in mind, if you did already modify the original package source files, then you can reuse the same source file location.


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